photo of a laptop with traffic figures on for a personal trainers website

Want to grow your personal training business to the next level?

It’s true that delivering flyers in your local area can bring you in some clients, but will they be the right clients for your personal training business? Maybe. Maybe not.

There are lots of other marketing activities that do not involve the internet that you could choose to use as well, but for the most part these fall in line with fundamentals used for marketing and advertising in the online world too: one of copywriting (and actually connecting with your target market) is crucial.

How can online marketing help your PT business?

Attraction, voice, brand, awareness and connection.

You’ll know from reading our other blog post on retaining clients for your PT business that connection with an individual once they become a client is important. But, how do you use the internet and marketing to grow your business?

Well, it’s simple. You use the different social media channels and other mediums online to help you reach people online (awareness), teach or educate them in something (know) and then move them to a place where they trust your expertise (connection).

Now this whole process isn’t particularly hard, but it does take time. You can’t simply post a couple of articles on your blog and update your Facebook page once in a while and then consider that to be it, get zero from it and consider the whole “online marketing thing” a big waste of time.

If you did that then you’d be cheating yourself. How? By not sharing your story and your expertise with people who really want to hear from you (whether they know that today or not).

How can online marketing help?

If you’re serious about growing and choosing the right personal training clients – and yes, you choose them just as much as they choose you – then a big fat motivator for people looking for a personal trainer in their local area is to venture to the internet and ask.

Maybe they go on Facebook and DM their friends, or post to their wall and ask for recommendations (that is rare though because it’s not like getting your boiler fixed; posting on their wall means they’re actually publicly registering that they’re fat or unhappy in some way with their body).

Where are your potential clients?

Choosing one or two social media channels to promote on make good sense. We chose Facebook and Instagram a while back and are now able to create great connection and conversations. It’s worth thinking about where your future potential clients will be and then focusing in on that one or two channels.

There is no point trying to start a conversation with people if they aren’t even listening, and it’s equally pointless to attempt to communicate with people who just aren’t going to be the right prospects for your business.

Google or Bing

One thing your online marketing strategy must involve is being prominent on popular search engines. Lots of people in your local area are looking for a personal trainer. I’m sure you’ve done a search to see who is there on the front page of Google.

They’re there because they took the decision to understand that becoming prominent on google in their local area helps them to dominate online marketing. Doing that means they’ve sought some help on SEO and Google rankings for their PT website.

People coming through from Google or Bing (or any other search engine) are going to be more motivated than anyone else. Especially those individuals who are being drawn away from watching cat videos on Facebook or tutorial videos on YouTube.

When someone types in that they’re looking for a personal trainer near them what they’re actually looking for is a whole load of help. Help with their motivation, to look great in the mirror and improve their self-esteem.


Communicating with the right people

Marketing the right way online also involves sharing your expertise and stories to people who want to hear them. You’ve probably learnt over the past few years that not everyone is your target market and that’s right.

Carving out your niche in the market – whether that’s pre- & post-natal women or busy business owners/execs – is vitally important to how you’ll shape your message and get a potential prospect to reach out and want to have a conversation about how you can help them move forward.

This messaging is also important because it helps to subconsciously repel people who just aren’t going to be the right fit for you and what you have to offer.


A flood of qualified leads

If you’re interested in having a flood of qualified leads hitting your email inbox then that’s what internet marketing can do. When you’re positioned as the go to personal trainer in your local area then you can pick and choose the clients who you want to work with.

That’s what online and digital marketing for the health and fitness industry can do for you. Give you the ability to grow your PT business the way you envision and to work with individuals who you really want to work with.



Above all, you want to learn how to attract the right people to your personal training business. Those clients who you want to and enjoy working with: those who fit with your customer avatar and who you know you can help gain the most benefit from their time with you.